imaginChallenge rewarded the best 4 mobile games

The Awards Ceremony was held in CaixaForum during Eurecat Mobile Forum on 29th November 2016, the top congress specialised in mobile applications and the latest developments, trends and strategies in the mobility sector.
1st Prize: 6.000€
2nd Prize: 3.000€
3rd Prize: 1.000€
3rd Prize: 1.000€

Unexpected won the 1st prize with "Portal Pop", an arcade puzzle game where you play as a ball which has to arrive to the gold triangle. In order to achieve it, the main mechanic is to create different portals to overtake obstacles.

winners imaginchallenge awards 2016

NoTengo won the 2nd prize with “Roomcatenate“, a puzzle game where you take control of two hamsters to sync each to reach their goal. To do so creates a maze of doors which will have to help each other.

winners imaginchallenge 2016

Ninja Cats won the other 3rd prize with “Maths save the planet", an educational video game focused on Maths. Those are used in order to destroy asteroids coming to Earth. As long as the Earth survives it develops.

winners imaginchallenge awards 2016

Squid Squad won one of the 3rd prizes with “Runes of Atlas”, a puzzle mobile game. The story is about magical runes that you must combine to make the submerged temple rise again.

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